June News

Happy June everyone! Summer is in full swing at the SlickSugar offices and we are enjoying every minute.

Let's start our Newsletter off on a positive note. Belly Banter has won another award...YAY! Seriously, who doesn't love to win awards, right?! Thank you Tillywig for picking us! Each year, the Tillywig Toy Awards Program delivers to consumers, retailers, and the media the best new toys, games, and other products available in the United States. Product awards are given on the basis of group play tests, the primary purpose of which is evaluating the entertainment and/or educational value of the products submitted. Retailer awards are given on the basis of information procured through online research as well as interviews with manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. This is a big honor and we are thrilled to be chosen.

Are your kiddos wearing Belly Banter. If the answer is yes, show them off! Post them to our facebook wall or send them to customercare@slicksugar.com.

Speaking of Facebook, many of you probably already know this, but they have officially started charging page users to promote. Just to test the theory, we actually tried it.. boo! There has been a lot of talk on how to get around it, but just to be safe, we encourage you to hover over the "Like" button on our page and click the "show post in news feed" button. This way you are assured to see us.

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Keep The Music Alive Tee Wins Silver; Belly Banter Stickers Earn Honors


Plainfield, IL (October 16, 2012) – What could be sweeter than being named one of this year's highly coveted National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) winners? Slick Sugar, the fashion forward online children's boutique, got a little "sugar on top" when their Keep The Music Alive tee won a Silver plus their Belly Banter line of growth stickers earned an Honors Award.

“Belly Banter stickers are so cute and innovative," wrote one of the 2012 NAPPA testers. "I’m pregnant and I love showing off my belly and these stickers make it even more fun! If you’re looking for a unique shower gift, these are it!”

The NAPPA accolades got even better when judges got a look at Slick Sugar's fun and fundraising tee.
Their Keep the Music Alive top is a “great design on a super soft, 100% cotton t-shirt. Best of all, proceeds go to a great cause.”

Far more than a seal of approval, a NAPPA award signifies that a product has been rigorously evaluated against stringent criteria and stands out among hundreds of other products from around the world. A Silver or Honors nod means the product excels in innovation, safety, quality and "the degree to which they make parenting easier."

Julie Kertes, NAPPA General Manager, explains, “our winner list cuts through the clutter and hones in on only the best baby gadgets, gear and tools so that parents can make smart choices for their families.”

Smart and adorable are these prize-winning products:

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Celebrate Baby’s Milestones and Special Occasions
with Latest Belly Banter Stickers from SlickSugar

Plainfield, IL (May, 2012) – Tummy time, that essential time infants spend on their tummies each day, can help baby reach important milestones like sitting up and crawling. When baby reaches a milestone, it’s time for a different type of tummy time—in the form of a photo shoot! Belly Banter’s new Milestone or Holiday stickers celebrate special occasions like the first time baby sits up or crawls, or baby’s first 4th of July or Earth Day. Just place a 4” sticker on any shirt or onesie and snap a photo to lock in the memory of that day. Peel, Apply, Capture, Remember!

Best of all, Belly Banter lets parents celebrate without filling the closet with one-time use outfits. Sure, that Halloween shirt is adorable, but what if he spits up as soon as you put it on (which always seems to happen)? All of a sudden your cute idea was a total waste. With Belly Banter’s Holiday stickers, you’d just peel the Halloween “Boo” sticker off of the soiled shirt and onto a fresh one!

Milestones are another story, because there probably aren’t many shirts available that celebrate baby’s first haircut, or the first time they slept through the night. But aren’t those events worth celebrating? The Belly Banter Milestones are a great way to celebrate the little events. The text on each sticker makes it clear what the event was, so when you’re looking back at photos you’re not left scratching your head wondering what, exactly, you were celebrating that day.

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May News

SlickSugar just got a whole lot better and when we say better, we mean out of this world better!! Why is it so great you ask? We are giving away cash money! All you have to do is tell your friends how fabulous we are! The best part is.. it is SO EASY! Who Couldn't use some extra cash these days?

Here are the details:
Email Customercare@slicksugar.com with the word "REFERRAL" and your FIRST & LAST name in the subject line. We will reply to you with your very own referral code for you to share with friends and family. When 10 people purchase at www.slicksugar.com we will send you a $25.00 American Express gift card. We really weren't kidding when we said it was easy!!

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