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How do I know if I'm dehydrated?
1. Dry Mouth
2. Lowered Blood Pressure, Headache, Dizziness
3. Muscle Fatigues
4. Dry, cool skin
5. Thirst
6. Feeling lathargic & irritable
7. Lack of urine

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 July News

July is here already and by the looks of our upcoming schedule, it will be gone in a flash... let's just hope the heat goes with it!

SlickSugar has been on a Media Frenzy.  We just got back from NYC and Belly Banter is all the talk with the media.  Here is the short list of where you might find Belly Banter featured:  Real Simple Magazine, Parents Magazine, Celebrity Gifting expert Julie Kenney, Working Mother Magazine & CBS News, just to name a few.  Next time you are flipping through your magazine, you might just see us.  If you do.. let us know!    

We also want to reach out to any of you that have been affected by the Colorado wildfires.  Such a devestating loss for many communities and all the families affected by the fires. Please take the time to check out this website and help in any way you can.  SlickSugar has made a generous donation and we hope you will too.  Any amount helps these families.  Check out this website and see how you can help.

We hope everyone is finding their own ways to Beat the heat and is staying cool this summer.  We wish you all a happy independence day and hope you have a happy and safe July!  

Stay Cool,


Who wants to win some money?  Our monthly fan photos have been getting a lot of attention.  Seems everyone wants their child to be featured and so do we.  To give everyone a fair shot we are going to be drawing one photo a month for our newsletter, Slick Pics, facebook and twitter blasts.  If your child is the chosen one, we will send you a SlickSugar gift card worth $25.  All submissions can be sent to    


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!  YAY... July is National Ice Cream month.  You are sure to be the most popular at your next summer celebration with these sweet, non-melting, patriotic ice cream cake cones.  Click the picture for a quick link to the recipe.  Enjoy!  


Fan Photos

We will be picking a new "Fan Photo" each month to showcase.  All submissions are welcome and can be sent to    
This month we have chosen Chloe & Macey.      
I love Rock n' Roll