Belly Banter & Slick Sugar – Seeking a Parenting Blog Contributor!

We are looking for a parent blogger to contribute to our SCOOP page on Our ideal candidate will be a writer who is a current blog owner in the online parenting community with a steady following and skills required to pull together concise and attractive blog posts. You will be compensated for contributing original content to our website and in addition you get to tell all of your friends how you have been carefully chosen to lend your spirit to our brand! This is a great way to earn extra money to pay a babysitter, take some time for yourself, grab a mani/pedi, or fund your coffee addiction!

Please Note: We are NOT looking for you to review and promote our products; we are looking to add to our editorial calendar with your help and enthusiasm focused strictly in categories such as kid’s health, education/activities for young ones, mom tech/gadgets/apps, and traveling with kids. 

To apply, please send us a link to your Pinterest account, other social media accounts, and your blog to email: