Belly Banter... how to capture the perfect photo:  

Let's face it, babies are cute, cuddly and just plain adorable, but sometimes capturing that perfect photo is not an easy task.  Here are a few tips that might help.  

Less is more!  When it comes to dressing your little one, don't get too fancy and let solid colors be your friend! 

Say NO to flash and HELLO to natural light!  Most of us know the Mr. Sun song, right? "oh mr. sun, sun, mr golden sun... please shine down on me"  We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Outdoors photos are fun too.. embrace Mother Nature and all that she has to offer.

Channel your inner artist and get creative!  Use your surroundings as fun backdrops to your advantage.

Time to get Silly! Say "Cheese Pickles!" I mean seriously, the things we do to get a baby to smile are a true comedy act for most of us, but capturing that perfect shot makes it all worth it.

Sneak Attack!  Truth: Kids LOVE stickers and the moment they see it going onto their shirt is the moment they will do anything to get it off. 

Have fun!  If anything, we promise you this...  this project is going to make you smile now and for years to come!  

Do you have any tips or great ideas you would like to add?  Email us at and share them with us.